Event Sourcing for Everyone

Start up your event-sourced applications with Evently's easy-to-use and reliable event ledger service. Evently stores your events in the cloud and replays them with a Hypermedia REST API.
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Append Forever
Evently’s ACID event storage gives you confidence to store all your business events with no data loss, forever.
Append Atomically
Eliminate ledger-wide race conditions with atomic appends and never write a compensation event again.
Direct Connect
Connect to Evently’s HTTP API without downloaded libraries; you can even use fetch() from the browser.
Every Event Has Its Place
Keep your event models consistent with the Event Registry, so applications only append the right events.
SaaS means Fast
Enjoy the performance of Evently’s SaaS architecture with near-instantaneous appends and event retrieval.

What is Event Sourcing?

Event Sourcing is an application data model that record events that have happened to an entity in a permanent log. Then, when the application needs to determine the current state of an entity, it “replays” the relevant events and calculates the state from these events. When the application wants to add a new event for an entity, it can use this current state calculation to decide if the event should be recorded.

Event Sourcing in the 1400s

Event Sourcing has been used for hundreds of years in accounting, where events are called “account entries” and the log is called a “ledger.” Individual entries record credits and debits to an account. One calculates the current account value by summing up these credits and debits. These immutable ledgers are the permanent record of financial changes in a business.

Evently brings this trustworthy, battle-tested approach to your applications. Learn more about Evently's concepts and work through the tutorials and learn how to bring an event-sourced application to life.
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